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Far Infrared Detox Affects

FIR heat lamps, saunas and strange personal tent-like contraptions emit far-infrared light directly onto your body, where it reaches depths of 2 to 3 centimeters (about an inch) beneath the surface of your skin. Your body absorbs the light, which kickstarts a series of physiological reactions. When it comes to FIR clothes, bedding and personal care products (like these FIR panty liners), your body actually initiates the work. Since human bodies tend to be at higher temperatures than the surrounding air indoors, research suggests that the FIR emission originates from your body and interwoven bioceramic particles in the products re-emit the energy back into your body. The supposed benefits of FIR therapy include benefits similar to those of regular heat therapy:

1. Relaxation

2. Better sleep

3. Improved blood flow

4. Muscle recovery

5. Relief from joint pain

6. Improved range of motion