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Ayurveda Kerala

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence and the diffusion of automation and machinery in our fate, has become the principal cause of growing slothfulness among us “The Humans”. At present, individuals rely more on Alexa, even for opening and terminating the switches. The outcome is the spike in the graph of multitudes suffering from one disease or other. To cure the ailment, allopathy has been globally preferred and accepted. However, modern science in the form of allopathy has uncountable severe and long-lasting side effects.

For the past few decades, the sprouting awareness among the people regarding drawbacks of treating the disease by conventional means, have inclined their interest in healing through Ayurveda and naturopathy. The two of which have been considered safe and effective.

‘ Ayur’ stands for life and ‘Veda’ portray science, thus it is regarded as a science of life. While naturopathy encourages minimal usage of medicines, promoting the self-healing of the human body. Both cure the ailment permanently. Nature in itself is a blessing, it is a God’s gift and also a healer. Naturopathy uses sunlight, natural air, nutrients and encompasses therapies which include mud therapy, hydrotherapy etc. Psychological treatment involves stress management, meditation and so on.

We at, “The Kerala Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapy centre” in Indore supply reliable medical facilities. We primarily work on healing the disorder by examining the underlying or root cause, then investigating the history and finally prescribing relevant assistance. We use Kerala Ayurveda and Naturopathy, Why Kerala Ayurveda and naturopathy? The answer lies here - Because it is well known for balancing harmony with nature, Kerala is the home to most exotic herbs and also produces the rarest breed of medicinal floras. It is called the land of Ayurveda mainly because of Panchakarma. Panchakarma, as the name, suggests means five procedures. Pancha means five and Karma means procedures. These five procedures remove toxins and waste by cleansing the body, it includes curative and preventive actions against life-threatening diseases. Although both Ayurveda and Naturopathy have their own specialities, they also share mutual properties.

Some of which are listed below -

  • Both treatments are free from the risk of harmful chemicals.<.li>
  • While the former makes use of herbs, minerals, and metals the latter uses herbs, roots, diet, plants, sunlight.
  • The focus is on providing permanent recovery rather than temporary relief.
  • Yoga is accepted as a form of medicine around the globe.
  • Both promote a balanced diet to maintain weight and regulate the hormonal imbalance.
  • It regulates functioning by ejecting harmful toxins from the body.

We serve numerous kinds of therapies from all over India, including acupuncture acupressure, herbal medicines, yoga and a lot more. We provide the best medical facilities, free from detrimental chemicals. we have a team of experts whose major concern is your well being. We at “Kerala Ayurveda and Panchakarma therapy centre” ensure the safety of the patient by maintaining good hygiene, by following best sanitary measures, keeping into consideration both personal as well as environmental cleanliness, hourly monitoring of the temperatures, ensuring the 24*7 availability of our staff. Also, our, staff is fully vaccinated.

“Loan your confidence, put your belief. Betrayal is not our custom.”